About Us

Carolina Truck Shop is owned and operated by Matt Criswell and Paul Arthur.  Since high school, Matt and Paul have had an interest in trucks.  Matt’s first build was a 1989 S-10 and Paul still owns his first build, a 1978 GMC Sierra, more commonly known as #TheLunchbox.

In 2011, Matt purchased a 1968 Chevrolet CS-10 that he wanted to re-build. Looking for other Chevrolet/GMC truck enthusiasts, a lunch was coordinated with three local guys and from that lunch, the Upstate South Carolina GM Truck Club was created. 

As Matt worked on his truck, the club continued to grow.  Paul became more involved with the club and Paul and Matt developed a close friendship outside of the club.

After Matt finished the build on his 1968 C-10, now known as #LowLion, he needed a new project.  That new project was Carolina Truck Shop.

Having to constantly source parts from outside of South Carolina, it became apparent to Matt & Paul that a local truck parts and accessories shop was needed for people in upstate South Carolina building and restoring old Chevrolet and GMC pick-up trucks.