LS / LT Swaps

We get asked all the time about the cost of having CTS LS or LT swap your classic car or truck.  The truth is, no two swaps are the same, so the costs vary. 
A number of factors such as the vehicle, drivetrain options, 2wd or 4x4, naturally aspirated or boosted, other upgrades (fuel system, cooling, etc.) and other needs (gauges, brakes, A/C, etc/) all affect the overall cost of a project.  
Having said that, we tell people that our average LS swap using a donor vehicle costs $15,000.  LT Swaps typically add $5,000.  Crate motors add at least $5,000.  It costs more to do a 4x4 swap.  Swapping into an import adds to the costs.  Making it look old school adds to the cost.  
If those numbers work for your budget and you'd like to talk more about modernizing your vintage truck, car or SUV, then contact us to talk more!