Bench Seat Shorty Console

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The BC Shorty is, well…it’s shorter in length and works best on bench seats with less depth (measured front to back). If you have a manual transmission with a shift handle/knob that comes close to touching the front of your seat then this console is a great option for you.  Available in a variety of colors and two-tone options available.

What’s Included:

    • Two Large Drink Holders (upgradable to Mega drink holders)
    • Padded Armrest – Also a Hinged Lid for Storage Compartment
    • Storage Compartment, Under Armrest
    • Map/Document Sleeve, Underside of Lid
    • Pre-Installed Strap Kit for Securing Console


    • 11″ Wide at the drink holders
    • 8″ Wide at the main body
    • 14″ Length overall
    • 4″ Height at drink holders
    • 7.25″ Height at the main body
    • 6 1/4″ x 6″ x 3 1/2″ – 4″ (slopes front to back) Internal storage (W x L x D)

The BC Bench Seat Cruiser consoles are universal fitting, featured-packed, consoles that are available in four sizes. As the name states, these consoles rest on top of any bench seat but are particularly suited for full-size, or rather full-width cars and trucks. All four available sizes share the same 8-inch wide design but differ in height and length. The contoured bottom of our BC consoles is uniquely shaped to match the general profile of bench seats, resulting in a very comfortable and ergonomically correct position for the driver’s arm.  

An additional benefit to this unique shape is properly aligned drink holders for maximum stability and ease of use. Standard features include two large drink holders, comfortable padded armrest, under-lid storage compartment and a simple but effective strapping system that can optionally be used to provide more stability with less movement to your console while driving.

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