Carquest Platinum Painted Brake Rotor YH145265P

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Carquest Platinum Painted Brake Rotor YH145265P: Rear, Meets or Exceeds OE Design, Features RotorShield Protection

Part No. YH145265P
Carquest Platinum painted brake rotors meet or exceed original equipment (O.E.) specifications, delivering superior stopping power with proper harmonic design and non-directional finish that eliminate noise. Carquest Platinum painted rotors feature RotorShield, a rust-inhibiting barrier that provides up to 5 times more protection than non-painted rotors. The RotorShield barrier is applied to the rotor hat to protect from unsightly rust and help maintain a like-new appearance. Our rotors are designed to effectively dissipate heat, helping to eliminate brake fade and increase the life of the pads and rotors. Carquest Platinum painted brake rotors are designed for long-lasting and quiet braking with superior performance.

Product Features:
  • Engineered to withstand 120 hours of salt spray testing
  • Meets or exceeds OE design for superior stopping power
  • Exceeds ISO manufacturing guidelines (International Organization for Standardization)
  • Matches OE vane size for proper cooling
  • Optimal metallurgy and casting thickness to preventing warping
  • Air gap eliminates brake fade and increases pad life
  • Non-directional finish decreases break-in time

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