Cold Case Aluminum 24" Radiator - 67-70 Mustang

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1967-1970 Ford Mustang AC Aluminum Performance Radiator. AT Cars. AC radiator with RH inlet/outlet. Owners with 20 inch radiators wanting to upgrade radiator performance can use this 24 inch model by purchasing and installing a pair of lower radiator brackets, rubber insulators and an upper radiator bracket and rubber insulator (see chart below) from your favorite Mustang restoration supplier. Also, you should remove the support shields found on the LH and RH of the support.

This will increase the opening in the support to take advantage of the larger radiator. These COLD-CASE radiators are Tig welded 100 percent aluminum and absolutely beautiful. Don't buy a 3 or 4 row aluminum radiator! It doesn't cool as good as these oversize 2 row models.

These radiators are original appearing and have the correct stamping. Once painted, you'd be hard pressed to find a difference over an original versus a COLD-CASE.

  • 100 percent TIG welded
  • All Aluminum
  • Polished OE style tanks
  • 16 fins per inch
  • Corrugated fins that give more surface area and more thermal transfer
  • Pressure tested
  • For Automatic trans
  • Direct fitment for 67-70 Mustang
  • Old Part Number: RPE587

Radiator Specs

  • Core Height 16 inch
  • Core Width 24 inch
  • Overall Height 21.5 inch
  • Overall Width 25.5 inch
  • Overall Thickness 3 inch
  • Upper Hose 1.5 inch
  • Lower Hose 1.75 inch
  • Tubes (2) 1 inch Tubes
  • Trans Cooler Fitting: 1/8" National Pipe Thread

1967 Radiator Brackets
Upper Bracket – C7ZZ-8A193- A
Upper Insulators – C7OZ-8124-A
Lower Brackets – C7ZZ-8052-A
Lower Insulators – C3AZ-8125-A

1968 Radiator Brackets
Upper Bracket – C7ZZ-8A193-A
Upper Insulators – C7OZ-8124-A
Lower Brackets – C8ZZ-8052-A
Lower Insulators – C8ZZ-8125-A

1969-1970 Radiator Brackets
Upper Bracket – C9ZZ-8A193-A 
Upper Insulators – C7OZ-8124-A
Lower Brackets – C8ZZ-8052-A
Lower Insulators – C8ZZ-8125-A

Trans Cooler Fitting Size: 
1/8 Inch National Pipe Thread

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