Vibro Solutions 6MM Foam Insulator

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This product comes with 9 sheets or 28.6 sqft per Box.

Vibro Solution's sound Insulator 6mm is currently our number #1 selling foam material. The material is designed primarily to prevent rattling of plastic parts and trim, but can also be used behind speakers or inside a bass enclosures as a diffuser.. The unique pressure sensitive properties makes it great for sandwiching between panels and also a second layer on floor boards and head liners, works excellent on wheel arcs on door boards interior plastics and in speaker boxes..This product was also designed with a fiber mess backing to keep its shape along with a self-adhesive water based-water resistant pressure sensitive glue on backing.

If you are looking for serious high-end sound studio quality foams for your Vehicle then this is the place. In fact we are the ONLY company in the sound and vibration dampening industry that manufactures High-End studio quality foams for vehicles.

  • 6 mm thick
  • Self adhesive
  • Water resistant glue
  • Prevents trim rattle
  • Diffuse rear speaker energy
  • Sold as nine sheets per box (60cm x 50 cm)
  • 100% Water Proof

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